The originality of the approach proposed by Renove4you on the remodeling market is based on the combination of innovative processes and recent high tech tools facilitating and optimizing the execution of works.

Ease of use

The major advantage of the Renove4you platform relies in its ease of use for customers: no unnecessary subscription or download. By default, a client can use the whole Renove4you platform for free!

My account

"My Account" is an environment dedicated to Renove4you customers. It is composed of a number of tools available to recover any specific past or ongoing projects.


Through innovative technology, Renove4you offers its customers enriched real-time video experience based on the HD.


Adapting to the constraints of available bandwidth, Renove4you offers high quality audio solution via the use of an audio compression format.

Screen sharing

Through the sharing of documents on any device (mobile, tablet or computer), Renove4you offers customers the ability to retrieve information regarding a specific work in progress, exchange and update them regularly for the sake of optimization..


Information specific to Renove4you customers are stored in a secure environment.

Time saving

No need to move anymore to follow the work in progress of your worksite or to visit this one urgently before it is closed: Renove4you allows you to track your worksite in real time as if you were there!

Gain money

No more multiple back and forth on your worksite, wherever the project is based in the city, suburbs or province! Renove4you allows you to optimize your travel expenses, saving money!